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Study grants and opportunities for ITALI students

More opportunities for ITALI enrolled students

Study grants for prospective students

Before you apply for the scholarship, you must ​finalize the online application for the admission to the ITALI degree programme.

The bachelor’s degree in Economics of Tourism – Curriculum in International Tourism and Leisure Industries, offers 4 study grants for the amount of € 2.000 each (gross of all charges on the beneficiary's side), for students enrolling for the academic year 2019/2020 in the above mentioned degree programme, divided as follows:

  • 2 study grants for European students (Italian, European and equivalent status citizens), equally divided between intake A and intake B;
  • 2 study grants for international students (NON-EU citizens), equally divided between intake A and intake B.

Admission requirements are explained in the attached call for applications.

The scholarships will be assigned according to the application intake, thus 2 scholarship for intake A and 2 scholarships for intake B.

Deadlines for scholarship application:

  • Intake A - 12 April 2019
  • Intake B - 22 June 2019

UPDATE (30/10/2019) :

due to the withdrawal of a student in the final ranking, Mr. Pavel Sobolev was awarded a scholarship of EUR 2,000 (before taxes).

Aceept Network

Call for applications for 8 study grants of the amount of € 420,00 each (gross of all charges for the beneficiary's account) for students enrolled in CLET, ITALI and TEAM who will be attending the project week about "OvertourismHow to contribute to making tourism destinations more future-proof?" that will take place from 10th to 16th November 2019 at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. NO CFU will be assigned.

Deadline: Expired

Results: TBA