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What our students are saying

I am extremely glad for choosing the ITALI course. Living and studying in Italy in an international course with people from all over, have all prepared me for my professional career. But most importantly, the social life, and my colleagues who became my friends for life are the main reason for being happy with choosing ITALI.

Tomer Hazum (graduate 2021) - Restaurant general manager, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Israel

Unibo made me learn a new language and experience a vibrant culture, deciding to stay and work here in Italy after my graduation. Thanks to ITALI, I expanded my theoretical knowledge in the administration, management and financial control of companies, and I discovered a passion for IT technology.

Marc Julian Franke (graduate 2020) - 2nd classified SKEMA Prize 2021 - Sales Executive

ITALI as an English-taught course gave me the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and various background. Given its diversity and interactive teaching method with numerous group project allowed me to develop my knowledge on different subjects and improve my skillset that also helped me in my current job.

Elsio Barjamaj (graduate 2020) - Marketing Team Member, Digital Tech Company in publishing and content field

ITALI or, in particular, the experiences made through the course, including the Internship, the opportunity to attend an international course and spend a year in Tenerife in Erasmus, have allowed me to get to do a job that I like and gives me satisfaction in a young and constantly developing environment.

Anna Dall'Osso (graduate 2020) - Administration Office, Professional Aviation in Ozzano dell'Emilia

I’ve been passionate about innovation and corporate strategies. ITALI gave me the tools to understand the fundamentals of business development. I found a career that I’m passionate about, constantly evolving itself, finding new ways of implementing its strategic thinking and reflecting the bachelor's principles.

Bianca Zappia (graduate 2019) - Product Planner Maserati Fuoriserie at Maserati (Bologna)

The multidisciplinary knowledge and diverse teaching methods made me ready to face the real world. Every professor sincerely cared about helping us succeed. They made our classes as interesting and fruitful as possible. I will forever be thankful to UniBo for such an innovative course and for letting me take part in this incredible journey.

Janina Wasserhaas (graduate 2019) - Network Planning Analyst, Ryanair (Dublin)

I chose ITALI because I felt that studying in English would have given me an international overview of the tourism industry. What I particularly liked were the exchange opportunities and its completeness: it provides us both elements of economics and management as well as tools to understand the planning and marketing of tourism enterprises.

Martina Cerciello (graduate 2018) - Front Office Receptionist Trainee, Hilton Prague

I applied for ITALI because it is an international course, which enables me to meet different persons from different backgrounds. As an international student, I felt comfortable since I arrived. The advantage of being in an international class is that diversity and different vibes have made my study more exciting.

Tarek Chihabi (graduate 2018), Market Analysis and Exploitation, Gruppo Maggioli