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Elective internship

Through the internship, students can carry out a professional experience gaining credits in the study plan (indeed the internship can be chosen as elective activity).

Important: it is not possible to carry out the internship in a company/organization where the legal representative, one of the partners or the Director/corporate executive has a family or other relationship with the student (up to the second degree of relationship)


Length of the internship
What to do to activate the internship
Timetable of the internship activation
What to do during the internship
What to do at the end of internship
Deadlines related to internship


Important update for Internships

 In compliance with the latest Government Decree, that defines the conditions of the so-called 2nd Phase of the Coronavirus emergency, the Department allows the resumption of external and internal Internship activities carried out in presence,

It may still be possible to continue Internships remotely. However, it is up to the hosting organisations and the trainee to find the most appropriate solution accordingly.

 In case you are restarting your Internship after suspension or after switching your Internship to remote mode, please do make sure to report by email to the Internship Office ( and to both Tutors (Academic and Company) in writing stating the date of resumption of your Internship. 

 If you are restarting your Internship within the structures of the University, there are security measures and protocols of which you as a trainee must be informed about and are obliged to respect entirely, such as (behaviour, access rules, registration, use of personal protection equipment).

 Otherwise, if you are to restart your Internship in an enterprise or Body, make sure to preventively contact your Company Tutor to verify the conditions of your return.

We remind you that Companies and Organisations have to put in place security measures and protocols of which you as a trainee  must be informed about and are obliged to respect entirely, such as (behaviour, access rules, registration, use of personal protection equipment) as mentioned above.

Applications or requests for Internships abroad, that are to take place within the premises of Companies, organisations or associations will be subject of scrutiny by the Internship committee and by the Internship Office.

 All precedent rulings or decisions on internships taken in the past weeks will still apply (changes to the Study Plan, internal Internships).

 For further information, please contact the Internship Office.

Length of the internship:

In their last year, students can choose to put in their study plan a 6 or 12 ECTS credits internship as elective activity.

A 6 ECTS credits internship corresponds to 150 training hours; 12 ECTS one corresponds to 300 hours.

Please note: Internship can be activated only during the ​second year (master) or third year (bachelor).


What to do to activate the internship

1. Online Application

  • Connect to the web site  with your institutional username and password then you can check Offers/Companies from the list on the left.

  • OFFERS: you can check if there are specific offers dedicated to your degree programme and send applications (CV+cover/motivation letter) to the companies displayed. It is advisable to apply for a maximum of 5 applications at a time.

    • Specific ‘ad personam’ offers that have been agreed with the company in advance will be displayed in your home page along with the Tax code of the student.

    • check the internship offers and the companies with an internship agreement with the University of Bologna and send them spontaneous applications along with your CV and cover letter. It is advisable to apply for a maximum of 5 applications at a time. If the Company has not signed an agreement with the University of Bologna, students can send the Company contecs by e-mail to the Internship Office.
    • The agreement set up requires time. This is due to company’s response and to the Internship Board regular meeting (which takes place monthly)
    • It is extremely important to fill in your CV properly (some instructions for CV/Europass writing are available here:
    • It is under student’s responsibility to monitor the status of their application.


2. Upload the Internship programme

  • Once the Internship Board has approved your internship programme online,  students are asked to dowload the internship programme from the platform, make it signed properly and upload the final version online along with a copy of the ID card of the responsible person who signed the document.


3. Print the Register

  • Once the Internship Office has validated the uploaded documents and after the Internship Board meeting is over, students may download the register and start their internship.


Timetable of the internship activation:

Students can apply every day, but requests ​are considered valid only after they are approved by the internship tutor. It is advisable to contact the tutor in advance before applying so to indicate the exact name of the tutor in the online procedure.

The internship can be activated ONLY after the internship Board, who meets once a month (August excluded), approves the requests.

For info about the exact Board meeting date, please contact the Internship office (see useful contact in the 'See also' section on the right.)

NEXT INTERNSHIP BOARDS: February 9th, March 3rd.  

What to do during the internship:

  1. Students have to fill in the register every day indicating date, working hours and the tasks carried out. The company supervisor has to sign it.

  2. It is under student’s responsibility to monitor the number of hours remaining to complete the internship (max 40h/week).

  3. At the midpoint of the internship, students have to contact the supervisor teacher to inform him/her about the activities students are completing (for any kind of problem students can contact the supervisor teacher or the internship office any time)

  4. The internship period must be continuous: absence from work for more than 10 continuous days must be communicated to the Internship Office in charge of informing the board. This could lead to a possible suspension of the internship programme.

    The company may ask for an extension for a maximum of 20% of the expected hours by sending an email of request to the Internship Office (putting the students in copy).

  5. If, for any reason related to the internship activities, students have to leave the main building it is necessary that the company tutor informs the Internship Office at least 1 day before by email specifying: date, hour, reason for the transfer and the name of the company tutor in charge of accompany the student (students cannot leave the main building alone)

What to do at the end of internship:

  • Students have to upload the register properly filled in and signed, along with the final report (relazione finale). Follow the instructions indicated in the file attached

  • Fill in the online survey (also the company can fill it in online)


  • Deadlines

  • Internship agreement request:  the request for new agreements must be submitted to the internship office  by 30 days before the internship board meeting;

  • Internship application must be submitted by 5 working days before the internship board meets;

  • Internship registration: Students are advised to upload all necessary documents on the platform by a month from the end of the internship.