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Economics and Management

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  • Programme type Laurea Magistrale (Second cycle degree/Two year Master - 120 ECTS)
  • Place of teaching Forlì
  • Language Italian, English
  • Type of access Restricted access - entrance exam
  • Degree Programme Class LM-77 - Management
  • Degree Programme Director Massimiliano Marzo
  • Degree type Double/Multiple degree
  • Department Management - DiSA
  • Learning activities Course structure diagrams

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Programme aims

The 2nd cycle degree programmein Economics and Management provides students with advanced knowledge ofeconomics and business concerning the logics, methods and instruments availableto managers, consultants and entrepreneurs in different business contexts (witha primary though not exclusive focus on medium-sized companies) combined with asystemic vision. The programme offers students an international perspective tofacilitate the international opening and strengthening of the companies theywill work for. Students will therefore acquire the knowledge, logics, methodsand instruments to undertake… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the 2nd cycledegree programme in Economics and Management is subject to the possession of athree-year first cycle degree or university diploma, or other suitable qualificationobtained abroad; candidates shall also meet the curricular requirements andpass an exam assessing their personal competencies and skills. CURRICULAR REQUIREMENTS The following curricular requirements mustbe met: - a 1st cycle degree in one ofthe following classes, or other suitable qualification obtained abroad: ex D.M.270: L-14 Legalservices L-15Tourism L-16Administration … Read more