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Frequently asked questions

Please find below our FAQ about:

  • enrolment: information about admission procedures, tests, fees, additional Learning requirements...
  • studying: information about the academic calendar, contacts, lessons, internship, final thesis/exam, certifications, experiences abroad..

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How can I enrol in the degree programme?

Check information about how to enrol and the call for applications!

How can I choose the curriculum? Can I change the chosen curriculum?

You have to choose your curriculum when enrolling in the degree programme on

You can switch your curriculum from “Business and Administration” (B&A) to “Food System Management” (FoodSys) and vice versa but you cannot switch your curriculum from B&A or FoodSys to “Economia e Management” in Italian (or vice versa) because the selection procedure is different.

How can I extend the study period?

If you have specific needs and wish to extend your period of study, discover how apply for a flexible curriculum


Can I take few exams of the study plan without enrolling in the degree programme?  

Discover how you can enrol in single course units up to a maximum of 30 ECTS credits without enrolling in the degree programme.


How much does the programme cost? Are there scholarships or benefits?

Please find information about tuition fees and scholarships



When do lessons and exams start?

The academic calendar establishes the period of lessons, exams and holidays for each academic year. Check the calendar!


Which office can I get in contact with in case I need information about lessons, exams, study plan….?

Please get in contact with the programme coordinator


Which office can I get in contact with in case I need information about administrative procedures (enrolment, fees, transferring from another university…) or my academic career?

Please get in contact with the Student Administration office in Forlì campus


How can I enrol in an exam and how many exams can I take each year?

Please find information about how exams are organized


How can I get in contact with a teacher?

Each teacher has a personal webpage where the office hours and communications are published.


How can I submit my study plan for the 1st and 2nd year?

Discover how to submit your online study plan


Where can I find the course timetable and the course structure?

Please find information about course timetable and course structure


Is lecture attendance compulsory?

Please find information about lecture attendance


Do I have the possibility to carry out an intership? Is it compulsory?

The internship is not compulsory but you have the chance to insert an elective internship in your career.


Where can I find information about my final exam/thesis?

Discover the deadlines to apply, procedures and requirements to graduate, the Information on writing a dissertation and the Final Examination Dates and examining board members 


When the final examination examing board will be published?

Graduands will be informed by an e-mail to their institutional account ( some days before their graduation. It is not possible to give information before.


How can I get a certificate about enrolment, passed exams, fees, graduation...?

You can download certificates or self certifications on Studenti Online with your institutional username and password


Where can I find information about experiences abroad?

Discover  the Exchange opportunities abroad