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Final examination: application procedures, requirements and deadlines

As per the recent government decree (DPCM del 3/11/2020) the Comitato Universitario Regionale of Emilia Romagna on Friday November 6 has approved the following motion:

“all graduation exams and ceremonies will take place only in remote mode” till further notice.  

The final examination consists in writing an original dissertation on a topic that is consistent with the degree programm learning outcomes, drafted in an original manner by the student under the guidance of a supervising professor.

During the graduation session, the Board will proceed to the proclamation of the candidate and determine the final score.


Graduation application

Candidates are required to submit their application to be admitted to the final exam online at and to pay the relevant registration fee. Please note: applications will not be processed until all payments have been made. Supervisors will be able to approve the dissertation title and sign the graduation application only once the payment has been made.


Admission Requirements

In order to graduate, you must have:

  • Completed and registered all your study plan exams;
  • paid all the tuition fees;
  • uploaded the dissertation in pdf format on Studenti Online. The dissertation can be uploaded multiple times, until the deadline expires. When uploading the dissertation, the system will ask you to enter some key words and a brief abstract;
  • fill in the Alma Laurea questionnaire on Studenti Online.

The Student Administration Office will check that you meet all requirements and it will contact you in case of any problem, to help you to satisfy all the requirements before the final examination.

The graduation application is valid for one graduation session (one academic year). If you graduate in a later session, you will have to re-submit your graduation application and pay only for the duty stamp.

Candidates can change their chosen graduation date (within the same graduation session) by submitting a request of cancellation to the Student Administration Office by e-mail from their institutional address without paying any extra fee.

If the student do not graduate within the last session of the academic year (i.e. March session) for any reasons, it is necessary to pay for the yearly tuition fee for the following academic year. Therefore, it is necessary to pay for the first installment of the tutiion fees (already expired) as soon as possible. Moreover, it is required to meet the deadlines for the payment of the second and third instalments of the tuition fees (to avoid to pay additional fees due to late payment).

On the other hand, if a student would like to apply for the benefits for the a.y. 2018/19 and she/he does not manage to graduate within March, it is necessary to meet the deadlines and enrolment requirements.

In case a candidates graduates by March and she/he has already paid all or part of the fees for the subsequent academic year, she/he may obtain a refund after the graduation date (for further details please refer to the following webpage:


One graduation session is scheduled each year. The session includes a number of dates with specific deadlines:



Graduation dates



First deadline                 to submit the application on line

Second deadline

last day to submit the online application paying a 100€ additional fee

Third deadline
Whitin this deadline students must:                
-have completed and recorded their exams;    -have paid the due tuition fees;                   

-have filled out the Almalaurea survey;          
upload online their final paper in .pdf format



Fourth deadline                     Final paper approval by the supervisor(online)

23rd 2020

From April, 15th  - to May, 15th  2020

15th June 2020

July, 6th 2020

July, ​10th 2020

September, 17th 2020

From July, 15th  - to August, 13th  2020

29th August 2020

September, 2nd 2020

September, 7th 2020


2​2nd 2020

From July, 15th  - to September, 15th 2020

28th September 2020

October, 5th 2020

October, 9th 2020

December, 16th 2020

From July, 15th  - to September, 15th  2020

16th november 2020

November, 27th 2020

December, ​4th 2020

1​8th 2021

From November, 25th 2020 to January, 15th  2021

25th January 2021

January, 29th 2021

February, 5th 2021

2​5th 2021*

From November, 25th 2020 - to January, 15th  2021 25th february 2021

March, 9th 2021

March, 15th 2021


 (*) The indicated dates are considered “Appelli anticipati” (early graduation sessions) of the A.Y. 2019/20. Graduating students enrolled in the second year (a.y 201​9/20) can graduate in the above-mentioned dates only if they have paid the relevant tuition fees.


By the FIRST/SECOND deadline, students must:

  • Submit the online Graduation application on Studenti online 
  • Pay the graduation fee on Studenti Online or by presenting the printed payment code - the online application is considered submitted once the payment has been made. Graduation applications require the payment of €32.00 in stamp duty (imposta di bollo).

Applications submitted after the ordinary deadline (first deadline) but within the final cut-off date (second deadline) must be submitted with a €100.00 late fee.

By the THIRD deadline, candidates must:

  • Have successfully completed their study programme and passed all the exams included in their study plan. Students must check that all marks are properly recorded in their transcript of records (Libretto Online).
  • Have paid all due fees (and/or extra fees). The Student Administration Office will check candidates’ fee status (not necessarily within the deadline for requirements submission) and will contact students directly by e-mail in case of data errors/anomalies. Consequently, it is crucial that candidates constantly monitor their institutional account and check their tuition status, as the Student Administration Office may notify/charge further fees or integrations to payments.
  • Fill out the Almalaurea survey online or contact the Student Administration Office for exclusion from the database. The Almalaurea link will be displayed during the online application process.
  • Upload the final paper in .pdf format, following these format rules:
    • Use the file title format: surname_name_tesi (writing the word ‘tesi’ and not the entire title of the thesis) 
    • Avoid using file protection passwords
    • Use low-resolution pictures or images
    • Include the abstract (no longer than 2000 characters)
    • Indicate the language and keywords

Once approved by the supervisor, the dissertation title and contents will no longer be editable. If candidates do not receive formal approval, it is advisable to contact the supervisor directly.

NOTE: candidates may choose a subject area or discipline among those defined in their study plan. Students may also choose a subject area that is not included in their study plan by submitting a request to the supervisor and a detailed explanation of students’ reasons. In order to ensure that the subject area is consistent with the programme learning outcomes, candidates shall obtain the authorization of the Degree Programme Coordinator and the approval by the supervisor in advance and  before starting the paper.

By the FOURTH deadline, the supervisor must formally approve the final paper file and candidates’ application