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What our students say

Different nationalities, ideas and knowledge are the main ingredients that shape this course, where all students, with strong resourcefulness and motivation, are ready to throw their hat in the ring in order to succeed and get the best from this master

Luca Bartolucci, student

Business and Administration at the University of Bologna was my first choice to study abroad and I made the right decision. The programme is composed by interesting and useful courses that give the competences to enter the labour market. Personally, I feel prepared and enriched by this lifetime experience.

Blerita Korca, student

Gennaro De Rosa

Be enrolled at Economics and Management degree has allowed me to take advantage of an international and stimulating environment. I have been surrounded by students from all over the world that soon have become friends and that enriched my master’s experience with their different cultural backgrounds.

Gennaro De Rosa, student

Maria Antonietta De Rosa

The decision to take this master in B&A has been driven by the international opportunities and stimulating environment proposed. I can say to have the opportunity to build an international network by being sourrounded by people from all around the world, and by the opportunity to live unique experiences abroad like the double degree.

Maria Antonietta De Rosa, student