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Computer Engineering

Programme aims

The learning outcomes are achieved by couplinga solid theoretical, methodological and technological background, on the oneside, with strong and effective operating skills, on the other. Such skillsderive both from practical experiences in courses and from targeted projectactivities, which constitute an essential part of the study programme. Theprogramme aims to train professionals able to take part in all activitiesconcerning the development of complex computer systems, processes and servicesin the specific field of computer engineering and more generally in any othercontext in which… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the Second-Cycle Degree/Two-yearMaster Programme in Computer Systems Engineering requires the possession of afirst-cycle degree or a three-year university diploma, or any other degreeobtained abroad, recognised as suitable, namely: 1) either a first cycle degree in one of thedegree classes L-8 – Information technology engineering, L-31 – ComputerScience, pursuant the Italian Ministerial Decree 270/04: pursuant to Italian Min. Decree 509/99: L-9 - Information technology,L-26 Computer Science 2) or a degree in some other degree class,provided that the applicant holds… Read more