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Acknowledgement of an extra-university activity as a curricular internship

How to undertake an acknowledgement request of an extra-university as a curricular internship

If you carried out an extra-university activity that you think is consistent with the subjects and goals of your Degree Programme, you may ask for its acknowledgement as a curricular internship.


To ask for the recognition of the internship, it is necessary to meet the following criteria:

  • you have included the relevant internship activity in your study plan before submitting the acknowledgement request.
  • The working student must have an employment contract that proves the existence of a working relation.
  • The working activity must not have ended more than 12 months prior to the request.
  • The working activity needs to be consistent to the Degree course Learning activities

The Internship board meets on a monthly basis and reserves the right to assess each case at its discretion. The approved requests will be registered on Almaesami.




In order to apply for the acknowledgement, please submit the following documents (that are available in the attachment box of this page) to the Student Administration Office:

1) acknowledgement request form;

2) Certificate of working activity

3) Student report

The request can be delivered by post mail to the Student Administration Office:

Segreteria Studenti Campus di Forlì

Padiglione Melandri

Piazzale Solieri 1, 47121 Forlì 

The outcome of the evaluation will be communicated by the Student Administration Office within 60 days and, in case of positive evaluation, your career will be updated.


The internship committee gives notice that previous working experience will be considered equivalent to an elective internship only if the student’s final report includes a detailed description of the training project,  performed tasks, accomplishments and supporting evidence of the educational nature of the activity in order to justify the credit allocation. 


-           If you are applying for the acknowledgement of a working activity and you are about to graduate, please consider the deadline by which all credits must be registered.

-           The recognition of credits may affect the merit requirements that are necessary to calculate the tuition fees

-           You may not undertake the acknowledgement request for working activities in a host organisation whose legal manager, member or director/supervisor/person in charge has family bonds (up to the 2nd degree of kinship) with you.

-           You may not undertake the acknowledgement request for working activities that have already been recognized.