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Crash courses and seminars

Find out the crash courses organized for the a.y. 2023/24

The following crash courses have been organized  in order to acquire or refresh your competences to successfully pass your 1st year exams.

Attendance to crash courses is not compulsory (and no ECTS credits are awarded), but warmly recommended to all students, especially for students lacking specific competence in Economics and Management subjects.

The crash courses will be available also online.

The updated schedule of the crash courses is available on the course timetable

  • Accounting

The Accounting crash course would like to guarantee a more effective preparation for STRATEGIC COST MANAGEMENT course. Classes will be both in person and online.


Tutor: Filippo Boccali

  • International Economics

The International Economics crash course (15 hours) would like to guarantee a more effective preparation for the International Finance course. 

ONLINE CLASS (lessons are not held in person)

Tutor: Angelo Vito Panaro

  • Data Management: 

Advanced practically-oriented Excel course, highly requested and valued in the working environment. The crash course also aims to develop the competences required for the 2nd year elective course in "Business Intelligence"


To take the course, it is necessary to download Office UniBo at using your UniBo account and to install the programmes Excel and Access.

If you have a mac, you can install windows for free at the following links, then you can install Excel and Access with UniBo office

    LINK TO THE ONLINE CLASS (Lessons will be online only with the exception of September 25th)

    Tutor: Francesco Bergamaschi

    • Quantitative Methods

    The Quantitative Methods crash course would like to guarantee a more effective preparation for the Quantitative Methods course, especially Econometrics.

    Starting from 2023/24 the supporting activities will run during the Econometric course8ii semester)  in order to support students preparing for the exams

    • Corporate Finance 

    The crash course in Corporate finance will support you preparting for the Financial exams such as Corporate Valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions and will be organized at the end of the 1st semester.