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Exchange incoming students

Exchange incoming students at the School of Economics and Management, Forlì Campus can find information about their exchange period.

Please note that if the Exchange programme is with Forlì campus exchange students have to carry out all the activities in Forlì. 

Generally,it is not possible to take courses in Bologna or in other campuses. Only in case you have reasons strictly connected with your study plan (i.e. compulsory courses that are not offered by the Forlì campus), it is possibile to ask for preliminary permission to take one or some courses in other campuses.

Download the course catalogue and other useful documents from the box on the right.

Class Timetable

Please alway check the updated course schedule at 
indicating the name of the course and selecting Forlì campus.


Specific information for double degree incoming students

 Double degree incoming students have slightly different procedures connected to the course selection and enrolment process.

Double degree Incoming students have respect the study plan indicated in the double degree Agreement to gain their final degree so please refer to the documents "Double degree study plans" to find out the courses you have to take, according to the Univesity you are coming from.


To apply for the double degree programme, incoming students has to send their transcript of records (of their higher education study years) to by:

  • July 30th for students coming from ICN and Neoma Business Schools;
  • January 31st for students coming from the University of Valencia

For students coming from ICN and Neoma Business Schools it is necessary to indicate also the degree course they would like to enrol in.

Important: As for registration: upon arrival students are required to visit the Students’ Administrative Office in Forlì (P.le Solieri, 1)  with 2 passport-sized photos, a copy of their identity card or passport and the original copy of the transcript of records of the 1st year in the home university. The office will enrol the student and give her/him the matriculation number and her/his username and password for the services offered by the University of Bologna.

Institutional coordinators: