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ICN Business School

Check here the study plan for double degree students at ICN Business School

Double degree students have to complete their first year at their home university and the second year at the partner university, except for the master thesis that has to be completed at the home university after finishing all the activities at ICN.

All the activities at ICN (45 ECTS) have to be necessarily completed by September
. After that deadline, it will not be possible anymore to complete activities at the partner university and it will not be possible to obtain ICN degree.


Double Degree students at ICN Business School are encouraged to finish their internship and hand in the internship report before the end of the summer

The ICN examination jury meets every year in July, November and February. 

In order to participate in the 2023 graduation ceremony, ICN needs to receive the student's Master thesis grade (obtained at the University of Bologna) before the beginning of November. Therefore, students who graduate at the University of Bologna after the ICN examination jury held in November, will not be able to participate in the 2023 graduation ceremony and will have to wait the next graduation ceremony in February or July to obtain the degree from ICN. Furthermore, students receiving the ICN degree after the jury examination in November will have to register for an extra semester at ICN called PGE3+  (as exchange students – waived fees) and they will attend the next graduation ceremony.

ICN study plan 

  • Governance, and responsible leadership - 4 cfu
  • Data analysis - 4 cfu
  • Strategic challenge - 4 cfu
  • Elective - 2 cfu
  • Specialisation 3 - 4 cfu
  • Specialisation 4 - 4 cfu
  • Specialisation 5 - 4 cfu
  • Specialisation 6 - 4 cfu
  •  Internship - 13 cfu
  • Seminar - 2 cfu

List of available specialisations (a.y. 2023/24):

Finance, Audit & Control

  •   International Audit & Compliance  – campus Nancy (English)
  •   International Finance & Fintech  – campus Paris (English)
  •   Banque et gestion de patrimoine   – campus Nancy (English and French)
  •   Finance d’entreprise   – campus Nancy or campus Paris (English and French) / Corporate Finance   campus Berlin   (English)


  Marketing & Business Development

  •   Marketing et innovation   – campus Nancy  (English and French) / Marketing & Innovation  – campus Berlin  (English)
  •   Marketing & E-Business   – campus Paris  (English and French)
  •   Luxury and Design Management   – campus Nancy or Paris  (English)
  •   Stratégie marketing et développement commercial   – campus Nancy or Paris  (English and French)


Organisation Management & Strategy

  •   Management de la supply chain et des achats   – campus Nancy  (English and French) / Supply Chain Management & Purchasing   – campus Paris  (English)
  •   Management des ressources humaines et innovations sociales   – campus Nancy or Paris  (English and French)
  •   Global Business Management  – campus Nancy or Paris  (English)


As far as the campus is concerned, exchange students can choose to follow any specialisation offered in any campus but students who wish to join the program in Paris or Berlin must be aware that the number of spots is limited. The full program (core courses + specialization courses) are taught entirely on the indicated campus.

Therefore, in order to gain the double degree, students need to:

  • Compete their first year at UniBo before starting the mobility programme;
  • Complete the activities at ICN for a total amount of 45 ECTS, included the compulsory internship, within September – please note that the final thesis is not included in the activities that have to be completed at the partner University because it has to be prepared and discussed at the University of Bologna;
  • Ask for the recognition of the activities completed at ICN;
  • Prepare and discuss the Master’s thesis at the University of Bologna according to its deadlines and procedures (that you can find in the degree programme website – in the section studying – final exam) to obtain the Master’s degree title of the University of Bologna.
  • Ask for ICN title of study.