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Information for the winners of the double degree programme

What to do after being selected for the double degree programme

The procedures required for double degree students are the same of the ones for Erasmus programme with some exceptions:

  • during the application procedures, please pay attention and follow the indications to enrol as double degree student (not only Erasmus one(
  • Learning Agreement: the second year at the partner university is established by the double degree Agreement between partner universitites therefore the study plan to take abroad will substitute your second year. Therefore, you can create one group only with the courses to take abroad in correspondance of your second year courses. Note: starting from 2021/22 the final thesis will not be included anymore for ICN and the final thesis discussion only for Neoma Business School.
  • It is necessary to follow specific procedures for the recognition request. It is first of all necessary to send to your transcript of records to insert the activities take Abroad in your study plan. After that, the office will inform you to go on with your request. In particular, it is necessary to create one correspondance ​group for each exam taken Abroad, then,  in each correspondance ​group it is necessary to indicate the course taken abroad in both the colums (i.e. courses completed abroad and courses to be recognized). Please find en example enclosed to this webpage

Starting from 2021/22, it will be necessary to follow all the procedures and deadlines to graduate at the University of Bologna.

On the other hand, for Exchange students 2020/21:

  • You have to send to the study period certificate (in the section attachment) signed by the partner university with the date of the thesis discussione.  
  • Furthermore, it is necessary to ask for the Degree form (domanda di laurea) that students can require directly to the student administration office at The office will send to students the form to be filled and information about the questionnaire Almalaurea and the graduation fee payment.

Indeed to graduate at the University of Bologna,it is necessary to:

  • be up to date with the University fees payments;
  • fill in the graduation form (domanda di laurea); 
  • complete almaLaurea questinnaire; 
  • pay for the graduation fee.

Once you have submitted all the required documents, a board (that meets once a month) will approve the conversion of the marks (proposed by the teacher in charge of the exchange) and will declare the final mark for students’ graduation. Furthermore, the board will ask to the student administration office to update student’s career.

Please note that the day of graduation will be the day when the board meets even if any public ceremony does not take place.

At the end, students have to send a copy of the final degree certificate released by the partner university to the student administration office ( to receive their final parchment degree certificate (pergamena di laurea).

Final mark (2020/21 only):

The final thesis will be discussed exclusively at the partner university and the mark will be converted in additional points according to the following table


Final thesis mark at the partner University













The final graduation mark will be established starting from each student’s weighted average, calculated taking in consideration the grades of the first year exams in Forlì and second year exams at the partner university – (converted on base 30) + extra points according to the graduation rules. The weighted average is converted on base 110 and the additional points for the final thesis discussion will be added (according to the above mentioned table).