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Professional profiles

professional profile

Manager in organisation, R&D, production, marketing and sales Tasks in a professional context: The Manager in organisation, R&D, production, marketing and sales is responsible for the following activities: - improvement in the efficiency and control of transformation and service delivery processes- management of technological, organisational and social innovations- quality assurance of activities and production in line with the concepts of sustainability and integrated management of the local business system- commercial and competitive business development in domestic and international markets- management of marketing activities and organisation of business activities. In addition, as a middle manager/officer, dealing with the management of organisations, including enterprises operating in the framework of the food systems: - collaborates in planning, production, marketing, sale, control as well as internal and external communication;- cooperates in the management of human resources;- contributes to the design and management of innovation as well as research and development projects, also in international contexts; - plans and coordinates the rationalisation, organisation and management activities supporting various business roles. Competencies associated to the role: - ability to assess the suitability of the available marketing tools and use them to position products/services on the market;- ability to assign decisions and responsibilities, managing and coordinating groups of collaborators;- ability to manage the specific problems of each company role, understanding the implications for other areas and the business as a whole;- ability to assess and draw up business plans for new national and international company projects;- ability to understand national and international company management and the mechanisms governing the main reference markets. Career opportunities: Local and international public and private organisations working also in contexts relating to food systems: - national and international private and public research centres;- national and international industrial and service businesses;- commercial companies;- business and consumer consortia and associations;- national and international consulting firms;- development agencies/financial institutions/national and international public authorities. Finance and Control Manager/Financial Analyst and Consultant Tasks in a professional context: The position is in charge of the management control, the financial and investment management, the relations with the financial market. More specifically: - assesses and monitors the financial implications of management decisions;- manages the financial risks associated with the company's operations;- provides advice on management control and business finance;- supervises the planning and management control of commercial, industrial and financial enterprises. Competencies associated with the position: - knowing how to draw up general accounts and financial statements and being able to interpret them;- understanding the management needs for information and the models for financial analysis, as well as being able to assess the form and contents of management reports;- being able to analyse financial markets and use financial business assessment techniques;- knowledge and competencies to monitor the developments in national and international accounting principles;- ability to apply management control and risk-and-cost analysis techniques;- ability to apply the main auditing techniques. Career opportunities: - national and international industrial and service companies;- banks and supervisory authorities;- national and international financial institutions;- financial consulting firms and investment funds;- business management consulting firms. Consultant or entrepreneur specialised in business start-ups Tasks in a professional context: The position is able to manage business start-ups or play the role of the entrepreneur in an established business, providing start-up support or business management advice. More specifically, they: - draw up business plans and seek funding sources;- assess and select business initiatives, defining financial needs and relations with capital markets;- analyse the economic and financial performance and cost structures of enterprises;- liaise between the business and the institutional investors, including investment funds and financial backers;- provide specific advice to business initiatives with a high innovation content. Competencies associated with the position: - ability to interpret the capabilities required to the business in the competitive environment, assessing how to invest in order to develop them;- ability to oversee the organisation and planning of activities in individual functional areas as well as the business system as a whole;- understanding of the various commercial structures companies can adopt to position a product or service on a market;- ability to identify the strategic implications of innovation and the specific problems affecting the management of organisational change. Career opportunities: - new businesses and start-ups;- specialised start-up consulting firms;- investment companies.

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It gives access to third cycle studies (Dottorato diricerca/Scuole di specializzazione) and master universitario di secondo livello.