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Electricity is the most valuable energy and its availability is a precondition for the growth in developed countries as well as those in the developing world.
It is well known that the standard of living of a country is directly related to the consumption of electricity. Almost everything that man uses requires electricity to operate: appliances, lighting systems, telecommunication systems, public and private transportation systems, cooling and heating, medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment, ... Applications are so many and accustomed to the use of electricity is such that it perceives the importance only when, for some unforeseen, it fails.
The Electrical Engineers  are the repository of scientific and technical knowledge pertaining to the production, transmission and use of electricity and of a multidisciplinary
technical-scientific culture that makes them a particularly versatile professional figure. Employment opportunities are manifold, and the preparation acquired allows him/her to play key roles in the fields of  industrial, technological and environmental engineering.
For example, the Electrical Engineer manages large power grids, is responsible for the production of electricity from conventional as well as renewable energy, takes care of environment protection and energy saving, designs electrical systems, measurement instrumentations and drives for industrial automation and for electric traction, and he/she  is engaged in nanotechnology research, electromagnetic compatibility,  plasmas and superconductors.
The demand for Electrical Engineers has always been very high, so that the new graduates in Electrical Engineering  are not currently sufficient in number to meet the demand of the labor market.