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Electrical Energy Engineering

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GRADUATION : Master’s Degree in Ingegneria dell’energia elettrica - Call March 22nd, 2023

The thesis defence will be held in presence. You can join it by connecting through the link to the virtual room.

The Director presents the International Master Program in Electrical Engineering

In this video the main features of the master in Electrical Engineering are introduced by the program Director.

RORC Transatlantic Race

The trimaran Maserati Multi 70 won the RORC Transatlantic race

03 Apr 2023

PLECS Workshop

Seminar on ​Advanced Modeling and Simulation of Power Electronic Systems

from 08 Dec 2022 to 10 Apr 2023

The Other Renaissance - Ulisse Aldrovandi and the Wonders of the World

An exhibition between art and science, a journey with Italian physicians, pharmacists and naturalists who studied animals and plants in nature leading to the revival of natural sciences.

from 03 Mar to 14 Apr 2023

Would you like to join a start-up project?

Take part in the Call for Players 2023: your skills can help a team develop a new idea. The closing date is 14 April.