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Preparing the study plan

Information on how to prepare and present a study plan.


The study plan is the complete set of exams that you need to sit in order to graduate. Some exams are compulsory, while others are elective.
You can submit your study plan if you are regularly enrolled, if you have paid all due taxes, and you have a valid permit of stay in case you are an international student.


A study plan must be submitted by 2nd year properly enrolled students who have paid their tuition fees and, in the case of international students, who hold a valid residence permit.

The study plan must be submitted from the 20th of October until the 30th of November 2022.
Until the deadline you can modify the choices made by presenting a new study plan. After the deadline it won’t be possible to modify your study plan anymore.

From the 15th to the 31st of March 2023 it will be possible to add only the Final Dissertation Preparation to your Study Plan.


Students enrolled in the 2nd year must chose eligible courses or “soft skills” courses for a minimum of  8 ECTS (until a maximum of 15 ECTS), between those listed in the study plan. which can be summarized as:

  • Workshop in Animal Metabolism and Management (8 CFU, 64 ore, SSD AGR17) coordinated by prof. Giulio Visentin, hosting four international experts for 1 week seminar each
  • Courses on soft skills organized by the University Headquarters 

Students enrolled in the second year must complete their study plan indicating:

  • how the curricular internship will be carried out in Italy (84547) or abroad (84548)
  • the final exam in full (37849) or broken down into two parts (see dedicated page).

Italian language for international students

International students must add either an Italian language course offered by CLA or any other teaching activity taught in Italian, in order to fulfill the language requirement established by law.

The study plan can be submitted via Studenti Online by enrolled students, accessing the website and using their University usernames and passwords.

After making the desired choices, remember to click on “save” so that your study plan can be submitted correctly.

Students who are “fuori corso” (past envisaged completion time for the degree course) cannot use the Studenti Online system and must contact the student administrative office.