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The programme offers a multidisciplinary and innovative approach, integrating financial studies with engineering, physics, statistics and economics. Industry involvement is very strong and includes a compulsory internship for the final thesis. A multiple qualification enriches the internationalisation of the educational offering.

What will you study?

The programme includes basic courses in probability, mathematical finance and programming, alongside specific courses in energy and climate economics, engineering for renewable resources, physics of climate variables, and artificial intelligence. There are three curricula on offer, focusing on different fields: engineering for renewable resources, sustainable finance and climate science.

Experiences abroad

As part of its foreign experiences, the programme offers the opportunity to carry out internships abroad at international companies or research institutes and to participate in exchange programmes. Double/multiple degree opportunities enrich the programme with an experience that provides concrete competitive advantages.

Build your own future. This is what you can do with this degree.

5 reasons to enrol on the degree programme

You will acquire multidisciplinary skills and knowledge on frontier topics with innovative approaches.

You will specialise by selecting your preferred curriculum and enriching it with a double/multiple degree experience.

You will participate in training sessions and workshops offered by professionals that will allow you to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired.

You will acquire the skills required to contribute to the energy transition by becoming a 'green economy hero'.

You will participate in several intensive joint programmes with international academic and professional partners, with a clear impact on job placement.

The course in numbers

  • ND International students and students not residing in the region

  • ND Graduates aligned to the exam schedule

  • ND Graduates with experience abroad

  • ND Graduates satisfied with their studies

  • ND Graduates who are working

  • ND Graduates who are not working but are studying or not looking for work

  • ND Graduates who are not working but looking for work

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