Vai alla Homepage del Campus di Ravenna Second Cycle Degree/Two Year Master in International Cooperation on Human Rights and Intercultural Heritage

Classrooms, labs and libraries


Lessons and other course activities take place in three buildings located in the town center of Ravenna:

-Department of Cultural Heritage (via degli Ariani, 1): the research laboratories and most of the teachers’ offices;

-Palazzo Verdi (via G. Pasolini, 23): lecture halls, study rooms and some teachers’ offices;

-Palazzo Corradini (via Mariani, 5): lecture halls, study rooms, the Campus Central Library and an area used, during lunch time, as a refreshment point.

There is no car park available, but all the buildings are easy to reach by foot or by bike.

How to reach us

The Department address

Department of Cultural Heritage

Lecture halls

All classrooms are equipped with the University WiFi system and can have different equipment and capacities:

At the headquarters of the Cultural Heritage and Political Science courses, Palazzo Verdi, via G. Pasolini 23:
- Room I: 25 seats
- Room II: 25 seats
- Room IV: 25 seats
- Room V: 25 seats
- Gershevitch classroom: 60 seats

At the venue of the Cultural Heritage courses, Palazzo Corradini, via Mariani 5:
- Aula Tumidei: 100 seats
- Room 2: 32 seats
- Room 3: 46 seats
- Room 4: 100 seats
- Room 5: 71 seats
- Room 6: 25 seats

Study rooms

Within the Ravenna Campus and its buildings there are many study rooms and ICT laboratories, ready to welcome all the students.

  • Study rooms are places with access to the wireless network, in which students can go to study or do group projects. Indeed, while in the libraries it is forbidden to use a high tone while speaking, in the study room students are able to talk freely without disturbing others.
  • I-Contact students normally use the Study Areas of
    • Palazzo Verdi, via G. Pasolini 23. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.30-18.30 Capacity Study Area: 25 seats
    • Palazzo Corradini, via Mariani 5. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9.00-19.00. Capacity Study Area: 36 seats


At the Ravenna Campus you’ll be able to have access to many libraries:

NOTE: the town libraries are not managed by the University, therefore to access them you may be required to do a library card (free) and they may have different regulations regarding the booking of spots (due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

During your studies at Unibo, you’ll be able to access any library of the University of Bologna in any of the campuses, here you find the complete list.