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International Cooperation on Human Rights and Intercultural Heritage

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Meraviglie blu: the new frontiers of research and exploration for the planet

What secrets hide in the oceans? WithAlma Mater researchers and National Geographic explorers we will discover how to protect the marine environment restoring the balance between Humans and Nature.

100GB monthly SIM cards for students and first year students of the University of Bologna

The scheme is available to students with an ISEE indicator up to €35,000. First deadline: 16 October.

The FUNDRISING festival open its gates to the University of Bologna

On 28th September all the UNIBO students will be able to follow all the sessions of the first day of the Festival for free!

ERASMUS+ Heritage Volunteers and Leaders project for 2021-2022.

Check this extremely interesting projet and the other volunteering opportunities offered by REMPART visiting the organization website.

Blended modules CLA courses enrolment open from today!

Enrolments open from today, September,11th until September, 24th. Check the link provided to seek more information.

Civic-engagement outstanding merit for Unibo students

Take part now and describe the voluntary work you have undertaken in the last few months. Deadline: 1 October