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This section showcases some of the activities realized by or with our students.

David Garyan interviewing Dana Gioia and Willis and Tony Barnstone

Dana Gioia, Poet, Critic, Literary Translator, and California State Poet Laureate (2015 - 2019)
Though this one is more literary, the subject of economics, art in relation to commerciality, and culture in general could be quite relevant to the cultural institutions we studied. In his younger years, Dana was one of the most successful figures in business, but he left his position as Vice President of General Foods to write full time.

Link to the interview

Willis and Tony Barnstone, Poet, Translator, and Religious Scholar with Tony Barnstone, Poet, Translator, and Multimedia Artist.

It is a father/son interview with Willis and Tony Barnstone. Though both Willis and Tony are literary scholars, this interview is important from the perspective of human rights, as both Willis and Tony discuss various subjects like Japan (Tony actually met Paul Tibbets, the pilot who dropped the atomic bomb on Japan), and the increasingly authoritarian tendencies of the US are discussed.
Link to the interview

WORKSHOP Beyond Boundaries

The Beyond boundaries workshop as a part of POLIS Teatro Festival 2022 and Fondazione Flaminia, aimed to enrich the investigation around the themes at the heart of ErosAntEros theatre’s latest international and multilingual production CONFINI. Five I-CONTACT students have been working for two months in order to create the final product of this project. They have chosen MIGRATION topic because it’s closely related with the study program as well as is one of the most relevant fields in nowadays globalised world. This video “Being in migrants’ shoes” enables a viewer to temporarily experience how does it feel to be an immigrant covering not only the challenges immigrants face in a host country but also what similarities can be found between Italy (France) and their country of origin. Linkl to the VIDEO.

Our students Emanuale Italo Grassia and Giovanna Memola are Youth Ambassador of ONE

ONE is an organization that works through campaigns and advocacy to combat extreme poverty and preventable diseases, especially in Africa. As an apolitical movement, ONE aims to raise awareness and work in concert with political leaders to combat AIDS and preventable diseases, increase investment in education, agriculture, health and nutrition, and demand greater transparency from governments in anti-poverty programs.

To learn more visit.the website.

About the Youth Ambassador Program

ONE Ambassadors are a group of highly motivated young volunteers, selected through a public call for applications, who conduct outreach activities across Europe to end extreme poverty. They urge a concrete commitment from policymakers, work with the media to increase the visibility of ONE campaigns and encourage the public to support ONE petitions and other ONE actions with online activities and local events. 

To learn more visit the page

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David Garyan interviewing Elena Poniatowska and Mark Godsey

Elena Poniatowska, Human Rights Defender and Grand Figure of Mexican Literature, interviewed by David Garyan

Elena Poniatowska was born in Paris to Prince Jean Evremont Poniatowski Sperry and Paula Amor-Escandón. Her father was a Polish nobleman who was a descendant of the brother of King Stanislaus II of Poland, the last king of Poland. The Poniatowski brothers of King Stanislaus were granted Princely titles as relatives to the King. She also is descendant of King Louis XV of France through her paternal great-grandmother Louis Le Hon. Her mother, Paulette Amor e Iturbe, was a Mexican of mixed French ancestry, and also a descendant of Mexican nobility. In this interview with David Garyan, she discusses the start of her career, Chicano culture, globalization, pandemics, along with Giulio Regeni and Patrick Zaki.

Link to the interview

Mark Godsey, Law Professor and Founder of the Ohio Innocence Project, co-interviewed by David Garyan and Arthur Ovanesian

Mark Godsey is Daniel P. and Judith L. Carmichael Professor of Law and Director of the Lois and Richard Rosenthal Institute for Justice/Ohio Innocence Project (OIP). OIP seeks to exonerate and overturn the convictions of people who have been wrongfully convicted. Professor Godsey's book, Blind Injustice, draws from his experience as a prosecutor for the Southern District of New York prior to his work at OIP, and examines how the culture of the justice system is complicit in wrongful convictions. Professor Godsey has done a TED Talk about the subject, and OIP was featured in a special edition of Time Magazine. In this interview with David Garyan and Arthur Ovanesian, Professor Godsey discusses how came to work as a defender of those incarcerated unjustly, the role of art in supporting the global innocence movement, and his book, Blind Injustice: A Former Prosecutor Exposes the Psychology and Politics of Wrongful Conviction.

Link to the interview


Some of our students, through the creation of the informal association SIA (Students in Action), have mobilised in defence of human rights, following the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Thanks to the cooperation of the Department of Cultural Heritage, the municipality of Ravenna and Amnesty International Emilia-Romagna, they organised their initial conference “Storia, Presente e Futuro dell’Afghanistan: a Call for Action", held in Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste, on the 27th of November 2021. Our students presented the draft of the "Erasmus ad hoc" project, an initiative that aims to bring Afghan teachers and students to the Ravenna campus on an exchange period. Below, you can find links to articles on the project, photos of the conference and the SIA Instagram profile to keep up to date with the progress of the project. Press release   

For further info, please follow the Instagram page of SIA.

International Women's Day 2021

A nice video created by a group of our students to celebrate the International Women's Day.

David Garyan interviewing Nestor Fantini

"I recently interviewed Nestor Fantini, a human rights activist and former political prisoner who was detained by Argentina during the Dirty War. His case was quite high-profile; he was held for four years but Amnesty International was able to secure his release. His family is originally from Udine, but he now lives in the US. I asked him to talk a bit about Patrick Zaki and he was nice enough to do that."

Here the link to the interview:

The I-Contact students’ stand at the Festival delle Culture 

(Ravenna, 2-4 July 2021) 

Here below a photo gallery showing the activity reapplied by the I-CONTACT group of students who has represented our Programme to the 2021 edition of the “Festival delle Culture” of Ravenna. 

In addition to the pictures gallery, we are happy to share an intriguing presentation created by one of our student, Amanda Quach, for the Festival. 

This is the link:

Photo gallery

The I-CONTACT stand (Image B)

Stand's visitors (Image 1)

The I-CONTACT stand (Image 1)

Stand's visitors (Image 2)

The I-Contact stand works