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Job Placement

The University of Bologna also runs a Job Placement service.

The Job Placement services was launched with the aim of facilitating the entry of University of Bologna graduates into the world of work. The Multicampus organisation allows the university to establish relations and synergies with the industrial system and world of services in the local territory, and with the public and private businesses working locally, nationally and internationally.

Our partners are on one hand the businesses, with whom we aim to create partnerships that are consistent with the achievement of common objectives in line with the UNIBO values; and on the other hand our graduates, for whom we aim to guarantee the necessary support for fostering knowledge of career opportunities and entry into the world of work.

The Job Placement service operates centrally at Bologna and at Campus level at the campuses of Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini.

Check the job placement website clicking here.