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SCALA Anthro Brown Bag Seminar Series - I-Contact student-led seminar special!

Roundtable ‘What Future for Gender, Queer & Postcolonial Studies in Today’s Worlds? The View from Emerging Young Scholars’, with Agar Shehata Moussa Omar, Nour Raji Saleh Shehadeh, Maria Pia Tenerello

17 May 2024 from 12:00 to 13:00

Sala Conferenze (3rd floor), DBC, Via degli Ariani 1, Ravenna - In presence event

Chair: Amanda Quach (I-Contact, DBC, University of Bologna and Founder & President of Tôchi Bellezza)


Roundtable papers, followed by Q&A:

  • Agar Shehata Moussa Omar (she/her) (I-Contact, DBC, University of Bologna): ‘A Feminist and Postcolonial Critique of Female Genital Cutting: Deconstructing Western Narratives, Empowering Marginalized Voices, and Decolonizing Feminist Discourse’
  •  Nour Raji Saleh Shehadeh (she/her) (I-Contact, DBC, University of Bologna): ‘Examining Colonial Feminism in Israel/Palestine Puzzle: Unmasking the Phenomenon of Purplewashing’
  • Maria Pia Tenerello (she/her) (I-Contact, DBC, University of Bologna): ‘Digital Backlash: Disinformation Campaigns and Queer Activism Online in Italy’


After the seminar we will have a picnic lunch at the park to celebrate the end of the academic year and say goodbye to friends who recently graduated! Bring food, drinks, blankets, and musical instruments