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Preparing the study plan

Information on how to prepare and present a study plan.


The study plan is the complete set of exams that you need to sit in order to graduate. Some exams are compulsory, while others are elective.


A study plan can be presented by properly enrolled students who have paid their tuition fees and, in the case of international students, who hold a valid residence permit.


You can present and amend your study plan in two specific periods during the academic year. 

The open windows for the 2019/2020 AY are:

First period: from 30th September 2019 – to 29th November 2019

Second period: from 7th January 2020 - to 28th March 2020

The transversal competences can be included in the plan starting from 14th October 2019


Studenti Online

The study plan can be presented via Studenti Online by enrolled students who, accessing the website using their University usernames and passwords:
- need to add optional subjects to their plan;
- need to choose a curriculum;
- need to amend choices made in prior years.

After having selected the desired choices, remember to click on “save” so that your study plan can be presented correctly.

Please note that:

In addition to the compulsory courses envisaged by the teaching plan, students can choose from the groups of choices of the course structure diagram. Students are not allowed to select or replace courses which are not in compliance with the study plan regulations. Students have to respect the number of credits (cfu) to be chosen in each group.

The students who submit their study plan within 29th November 2019 will be able to modify it for the current academic year during the following submission period. 

After the deadline expiration, the last study plan presented will be deemed valid and won't be possible to apply further amendments.

Once the study plan will have been submitted online, it will be immediately available on the AlmaEsami platform

Hard-copy forms
Students enrolled for a "seconda laurea" (Second degree), students who made any Curriculum change or students who transferred from another degree programme or from another University having asked and obtained a credits recognition, need to complete and submit the study plan solely in a paper form (see in the attachment section).
The paper study plan must be delivered to the Student Administration Office located in Via Baccarini, 27.


- Submit the study plan or apply any change to the teachings which you have selected previously if you intend to graduate within the 2018/19 Academic year (within the March 2020 Graduation session).

- Pay your first enrollment rate for the next academic year and modify your study plan if you intend to submit your graduation request for March 2020

The students who are enrolled on Academic years subsequent to the first one and who want to change a teaching related to the previous years, CANNOT sit or verbalise the modified exam until the end of the current year lessons. 

To the students who are outside the prescribed time (fuori corso) is not allowed the submission of the study plan. Therefore, any potential request of change, duly motivated, will need to be submitted to the Course Board via a specific authorisation request. 

For further information please contact: