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I-Contact, divided into two tracks, gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in two years of intellectually engaging study. I met people from all walks of life and exchanged ideas in a productive, participatory way. The program can serve as a good stepping stone for a career with NGOs and political organizations.

David Garyan, USA

The course has helped me strengthening my knowledge on international issues and to develop both analytical skills and critical thinking, together with the capacity to think “outside the box”. Nowadays, working as Security Analyst for Unicredit Spa, I can really appreciate the preparation this learning path has given to me.

Andrea Danese, Italy

The course prepared me to enter the international community with solid knowledge and skills. I started working at the African Development Bank; after 3 years in Tunisia working on entrepreneurship development and jobs creation projects, I joined the World Bank where I am currently working as an economist, focusing on private sector development.

Federica Ricaldi, Italy

The learning path experienced in Ravenna mainly contributed to enhance my ability to pay adequate attention to the multiformity of the sustainability issue and to the importance of multistakeholder approaches towards the triggering and strenghtening of social cohesion processes, from the local up to the international level.

Irene de Laurentiis, Italy

This course has given me valuable background knowledge in international cooperation and human rights, allowing me to pursue practical internships abroad that will further my goal of working as a conflict journalist or humanitarian aid worker. I have managed to learn Italian and further improve my skills in other languages as well, such as Spanish.

Cory Satter, USA

A degree with an international appeal, motivated by human rights elements and cultural heritage triggered my interest for its ability to combine those elements with development cooperation. The workshops and practical course work give a good understanding and I am confident of my career path in human rights protection advocacy.

Daniel Yevugah, Ghana

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