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Italian Language Courses for international students

The University of Bologna Offers italian Language courses to international students and Exchange students. Find out more here

In the first and second semesters, the University of Bologna runs Italian language courses for international students, but there is a limited number of places. This is a great chance to learn some italian Language and culture while you're spending a study period at our University.

To enrol you must sit an online test to assess your knowledge, just before the semester of your arrival in Italy: the test is open from a given date until all places are filled. Having completed the test, you are automatically registered for the next oral test. At the end of the online registration period, the dates of the oral tests will be published. The oral test takes place in Bologna. You must sit the oral test in order to be able to attend the courses. The tests are required to assess your level of Italian and to assign you to the most appropriate class.


Registration for courses in the first semester (from early September to mid-October) opens in mid-July. Registration for courses in the second semester (from late January to mid-March) opens in mid-December. A few weeks in advance, you will be sent an e-mail to your account indicating the date and time the registration procedure will open.


Other specific information could be found on the CLA website  (University Language Center) here