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Double Degree with Szent Istvàn University of Budapest

The agreement between UNIBO and the partner University Szent István University -SZIU (Budapest, Hungary)

Partner Universities


A Double Degree (DD) Program is an integrated course of studies, based on an inter-institutional agreement, in which students obtain not only a degree from their home university, but also the academic qualifications from the other participating universities where they have obtained learning credits.

In view of the rising globalisation with a constantly increasing need of experts and professionals able to work in the international market, the Double Degree offers a unique possibility for a straightforward international recognition of the student’s qualification, helping graduates both in pursuing their educational career at a PhD level as well as for application in international companies.

IMAHS Students have the opportunity to sign up for a Double Degree Agreement with the Faculty of Horticulture at the Szent Istvàn University of Budapest (formerly part of Corvinus University). Students who want to obtain a Double Degree should apply for an Erasmus+ mobility scholarship, selecting SZIU as host university and specifying the option “Double Degree” during the application process.

ATTENTION NOTICE: in order to obtain the Double Degree, candidates should attend the following courses and obtain the corresponding credits (minimum 30 ECTS). Passing all the exams listed below is a mandatory requirement for the achievement of the Double Degree:

ECTS at University of Bologna

88561 – Post-Harvest Chain Management – TAF C – AGR/01, AGR/12, AGR/15 – 9 ECTS.
Integrated exam composed by:
   - 73586 Fruit Processing -3 ECTS
   - 73558 Post-Harvest Management -3 ECTS
   - 88212 Supply/Value Chain And Innovation Management –3 ECTS

88563 – Production Chain Management – TAF B, C –AGR/03, AGR/11, AGR/13 –12 ECTS. Integrated exam composed by:
   - 79452 Applied Entomology In Horticulture Crops -3 ECTS
   - 79451 Mineral Nutrition -3 ECTS
   - 88232 Orchard And Vineyard Management 6 ECTS

20725 –Internship – 5 ECTS

Free Choice Courses – 9 ECTS

ECTS at SZIU Budapest

Winemaking –3 ECTS (3rd semester)
Evaluation of Fruit Cultivars –3 ECTS (3rd semester)
Special Technical Knowledge – 3 ECTS (3rd semester)

Production Ecosystems and Forms of Their Regulation –3 ECTS (3rd semester)

Molecular Genetics and Gene Technology of Plants –3 ECTS (1st semester)

Up-to Date Technologies of Medicinal Plant Production –3 ECTS (1st semester)
Natural Resources and Nature Protection –3 ECTS (4th semester)

Internship 4 weeks –5 ECTS (3rd semester)

Production of Propagation Material of Vegetables –3 ECTS (2nd semester)

Up-to Date Methods in Fruit Growing –3 ECTS (4th semester)