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Local and global development

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Programme aims

This 2ndcycle Degree Programme: - helps students to develop anin-depth and sophisticated ability to process original and technically foundedideas in research contexts, used to design international and local cooperationand development programmes based on logic and relational skills; - provides practical knowledgeand abilities used to acquire the competences required to analyse and solveeconomic, social and institutional development problems on a global and localscale, also with reference to different geographical spheres to those coveredin the programme; - provides the skills required… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission tothe two-year Master's Degree Programme in Local and Global Development (SLEG)requires possession of a bachelor's degree or three-year university diploma, ordegree from the previous four-year degree programme system, or any other degreeobtained abroad, recognised as suitable. Additionally, candidates mustmeet the curricular requirements and pass the assessment of personal knowledgeand skills. Curricular requirements A first-cycle degree in thefollowing classes: - L-5 Philosophy - L-10 Humanities - L-16 Administration - L-18 Business Administration - L-20 Communication -… Read more