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Local and global development

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Programme aims

This 2nd cycle Degree Programme: - fosters the development of in-depth,sophisticated skills in processing original and technically valid ideas inresearch contexts that are functional to the design of international and localdevelopment and cooperation programmes or projects, developing logical andinterpersonal skills; - provides knowledge and practicalabilities for acquiring the competences needed to analyse and solve problemsrelating to economic, social and institutional development on a global andlocal scale, also in different geographical areas to those covered directly inthe… Read more

Admission requirements

Applicants to the 2nd cycledegree programme must possess a 1st cycle degree, or other suitablequalification obtained abroad, in one of the following classes: L-5 Philosophy, L-10 Humanities, L-16Administration, L-18 Business administration, L-20 Communication, L-33Economics, L-36 Political science and international relations, L-37 Peacestudies, L-40 Sociology, L-41 Statistics, L- 42 History For other degree classes, students musthave obtained at least 48 credits in one of the following subject areas: - SPS/01, SPS/02, SPS/03, SPS/04, SPS/05,SPS/13, SPS/14, L-0R/10, L-OR/23, M-GGR/01,… Read more