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This international programme provides you with sound skills in the fields of photochemistry and materials science. It prepares you to design, simulate, synthesise and characterise new materials, and to investigate, understand and exploit the effects of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with natural and synthetic materials.

What will you study?

The programme focuses on photochemistry and materials chemistry, with an emphasis on nanomaterials. It offers you investigative methods and laboratory activities to develop theoretical and practical skills that can be applied in industry, public and private research, and academia. It is divided into two tracks, focusing on the topics of energy and health.

Experiences abroad

As part of its foreign experiences, the programme offers the opportunity to carry out internships at universities, research centres and companies. These experiences offer an opportunity for direct contact with international concerns, enriching your education and enabling you to carry out research in cutting-edge fields of study.

Build your own future. This is what you can do with this degree.

5 reasons to enrol on the degree programme

The Department has a long tradition in photochemistry and is still a leader in this field.

This programme is the first and only one in Italy to be taught entirely in English by high-calibre teachers.

It offers you a stimulating environment where you will have the opportunity to meet internationally renowned scientists.

The internship offers you state-of-the-art research experiences, also thanks to the teaching staff’s extensive network of collaborations.

We will prepare you for a career in high-tech companies in energy, health, environment, or for entry into prestigious PhD programmes.

The course in numbers

  • 70% International students and students not residing in the region

  • 79% Graduates aligned to the exam schedule

  • 14% Graduates with experience abroad

  • 97% Graduates satisfied with their studies

  • 29% Graduates who are working

  • 64% Graduates who are not working but are studying or not looking for work

  • 7% Graduates who are not working but looking for work

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