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Physics of the Earth System

Programme aims

The Master degree in Physics of the Earth System trains graduates with a solid grounding in physics and mathematics, a specific advanced knowledge in dynamics of continuum media (fluids, elastic and visco-elastic solids, multi-phase systems) in relation to physical phenomena affecting the Earth System. The range of subjects taught is wide, enabling students to gain an overall perspective by studying major phenomena stemming from the interaction between the atmosphere, hydrosphere and solid Earth, or else opt for more specific training in fluid Earth or solid Earth physics. The programme is… Read more

Admission requirements

In order to follow fruitfully the second-cycle Master degree programme in Physics of the Earth System students must possess appropriate preliminary understanding of mathematics and physics, (especially basic mathematics and chemistry, mathematics-related disciplines, classical physics, quantum mechanics and elements of microphysics, as well as laboratory activities). To join the Master programme the applicant also needs the following curricular requisites: to possess a degree in one of the following classes or another qualification gained abroad and recognised as appropriate: - ex D.M.… Read more