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Curricular Internship for Dissertations

All the information about S.Co.Re. Curricular Internship for Dissertation.

The Curriculum Internship for Dissertations is a particular internship that does not necessarily carry university educational credits; it is nonetheless a curriculum internship and must be completed within the study programme. The internship is necessary in order to prepare the final experimental thesis and it will be mentioned during the final defence.

Applications for the Internship for Dissertations can be presented by students enrolled into the 2nd year of the SCORE Master degree programme and applicants should have completed at least 50 CFU of the SCORE programme.

In order to start the internship, the student must fulfil the Internship Agreement Form. It is required in order to specify a training project (as ruled by the academic Senate on 25/10/2011) containing an outline of the programme the student intends to follow and the internship period (starting and ending date arrange with the host institution are mandatory for insurance cover purposes).

Once the student has filled-in the Internship Agreement Form, it has to be signed by the Tutor of the host institution, by the student, by the University of Bologna Tutor (the thesis’s Supervisor) and by the Degree Programme Director. After the signature, the Internship Agreement Form has to be delivered at Academic Office (Ms. Carla Gironi) 2 weeks before starting the internship.

All signatures must be handwritten.

The internship cannot start until the student has delivered the InternshipAgreement Form signed.

The internship can be internal or external internship:

1.   All internal internships are conducted at University of Bologna laboratories. In order to start an internal internship, students must deliver the Internship Agreement Form to Academic Office (Ms. Carla Gironi) and after check the Unibo students e-mail in order to accept the on-line internship offer; 

2.   All external internships are conducted at host institutions and companies, public and private, trade associations, etc. in Italy or in a foreign Country and they are governed by the specific framework-agreements with the University of Bologna. In order to fulfil the terms of these framework-agreements, students have to check in the Unibo Internship Website if host-organizations outside the University of Bologna is present.

If the host organization is present, this means that an agreement between the host organization and the University of Bologna has already been done.  In order to start an internship, students must be deliver the Internship Agreement Form signed to Academic Office (following the procedure already explained).

If the host organization is not present, a new agreement between organizations has to be done and the student has to contact as soon as possible the Academic Office (Ms. Carla Gironi / Dr. Chiara Brighi), in order to start the agreement procedure. This last procedure can take up to 1 month and it is necessary in order to be ensured during the internship. The student can start with his/her internship only if the specific framework-agreement between institutions is already established and only after submitting the Internship Agreement Form signed to Didactic Office. The trainee will be monitored by the academic tutor who is the thesis’s Supervisor (named University of Bologna Tutor).

The trainee must record day-by-day work in the attendance-book and it is proof, if required by an inspection, that the student is doing an internship and is not irregularly employed.

During the internship the student must:

  • follow instructions from the academic tutor and the company contact person, and report to them in case of need;
  • attend work regularly, sticking to the timetable  agreed;
  • give the host-organization warning of absence and  make up the hours lost;
  • if the absence becomes prolonged or the internship comes to a halt, inform the internship office, the academic tutor and the host-organization contact person;
  • comply with the host’s rules and the hygiene and safety regulations;
  • maintain discretion about the manufacturing  processes, products and services and other host-organization business he/she gets to know about, and remain discreet after the internship ends.

The duration will not be less than 6 months neither exceed 12 months, and the work must be concluded before the degree discussion.

If a student wants extend the internship period (for a total period not exceeding 12 months), he/she must communicate this intention 1 month before the internship expiring date by fulfil the Prolongation Form. Only in this way the student insurance can be extended.

Once the internship is concluded, the student has to deliver to Academic Office (Ms. Carla Gironi) the attendance-book signed by the Tutor of the host institution.  



Step by step guide for students:

1.     find a laboratory where conduct your dissertation-oriented internship and a University of Bologna Professor who will be your Thesis Supervisor;

2.     identify if your internship is an internal or an external one;

      2.1            if your internship is an INTERNAL INTERNSHIP fill-in the Internship Agreement Form, deliver it to Academic Office and accept the on-line internship offer.

      2.2            if your internship is an EXTERNAL INTERNSHIP check in the Unibo Internship Website if the host organization is present or not. If the host organization is not present, contact immediately ms. Carla Gironi / Dr. Chiara Brighi;

3.     fill out your part of Internship Agreement Form and send it to the tutor of host organization and to your supervisor in order to have the document signed before starting the internship;

4.     deliver the Internship Agreement Form signed to Academic Office (Ms. Carla Gironi). You will receive the attendance-book by e-mail;

5.     start your internship and prepare the thesis project (3 CFU);

6.     within a week after the finish of internship, deliver the attendance-book signed by tutor of host institution to Academic Office (Ms. Carla Gironi).