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Service Management: presentation

The importance of services in the economy

Service Management (SEM) is an international Master Programme in Business Administration and Management.

It aims at developing professional profiles tailored to service management in both industrial and services companies operating in domestic and international markets.

**Unctad Statistics 2016

Why Services?

  • Services are the largest sector of the economy of most OECD countries
  • Only in the service sector the economy witnessed employment growth in the last few years
  • Services are embedded in most manufacturing businesses and are key for the growth and success of today’s organizations both in the manufacturing and the service sector
  • Complex and dynamic branch of economic activities. Characteristics of services: intangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability or simultaneity, impossibility to stock.
  • Services are strongly embedded in the ongoing developments in   Information and communication technologies and in the market globalization.

… The service sector accounts for between half and four fifths of employment .” … Business services account for 15 to 25% of employment in developed countries and are growing in BRICs." (POLICY PRIORITIES FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND JOBS, OECD 2012)

“Driven by the digital revolution, the development of emerging countries and national market deregulation, services are globalizing very rapidly (+9% a year) and are expected to drive an intangible economy structured around global service networks… an increasing number of actors are now being forced to reinvent themselves …”  


**Chart: Unctad Statistics 2016

Why choosing Service management (SEM)?

  • Class of 30 students in an international environment  and close relationship with the faculty
  • Network of high qualified international professors and business managers
  • Partnership and collaboration with companies with the project works (in the second year)
  • Students' Guidance during the 2 years 
  • Scholarships and opportunities for studying abroad

The University of Bologna

The University of Bologna, the oldest university in the Western world, offers a variety of excellent, internationally recognized programmes. Students are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in a wide range of subjects and open up their horizons in a constant and increasingly broad international perspective.

The national and international ranking lists place Bologna among the world’s top universities for the quality of its teaching and research. 

A degree from the University of Bologna is a “calling card” recognized in Italy and abroad and an added advantage for entering the job market!

Rankings and recognition

University of Bologna is the only Italian University in the list of top 200 Universities according to the 2020 QS World University Ranking

Excellent DepartmentThe Department of Management (DISA) has been selected by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research as Excellent Department of our University.

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