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What the study course is like

The Master's degree in Specialized Translation offers 2 distinct study paths:

  • Specialized Translation (SpecTra, 60 places available)
  • Translation and Technology (TraTec, 12 places available) 

What you will learn 

In this 2-year second-cycle Master's in Specialized Translation you will train as a language specialist, learning to professionally translate, revise and proofread texts and multimedia/audiovisual products in a variety of highly specialized domains, including technical, commercial and multimedia communication, and the publishing industry, and to apply advanced technological skills and data analysis competences to digital multilingual and social media communication, terminology, project management, and other emerging language-related needs.

What languages you will be studying 

English is a mandatory working language for all students, and it is furthermore the medium of instruction for non-language specific subjects, such as translation technology, translation methods and media accessibility, cognitive translatology and natural language processing.

SpecTra students will have the opportunity to translate between Italian and English as well as between Italian and another language to be chosen among Chinese, French, German, Spanish or Russian.

TraTec students will have to opportunity to translate between Italian and English as well as to study and translate between Italian and another language from those above if they wish.

Both SpecTra and TraTec students will gain extensive hands-on experience through workshops, seminars and service learning opportunities.

For details of the study plans offered see the PDFs on the right-hand side of this page.

Key details

Duration: 2 years
ECTS: 120
Location: Forlì Campus
Main working languages: English and Italian
Other language (student's choice): Chinese, French, German, Spanish or Russian 
Available places: 72 (60 for SpecTra and 12 for TraTec)
Start Date: October 
Fees: Approx. €3,300 per year
Coordinator: Adriano Ferraresi

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