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Degree Programme Tutor

Degree Programme Tutors are useful reference points to help students in their relations with lecturers and, more in general, to organise their study activities


Tutors play an interface role between students and the teaching and administrative staff and ​are valuable sources of information, for example, to ​know more about how to access the programme and fulfil its requirements.

Students can also contact tutors regarding logistic or organisational aspects of the ​Degree Programme and to signal problems or make requests regarding any aspect of their experience at university.

Finally, student tutors offer ​advice to students who struggle, whether for learning-related or other personal reasons, to keep up with the programme and exam schedules.


Members of staff


Guidance Tutor 

Location and office hours

During term time, you can find the ​tutors in Palazzo Montanari (Corso della Repubblica 136) or at the DIT.Lab. E-mail them to arrange for an appointment.