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Erasmus+ Mobilità per tirocinio

Erasmus+ Mobilità per tirocinio (internships) is an exchange programme that offers students the chance to enrich their curriculum vitae through work experience carried out abroad. Students can apply via the Call for Applications that is published once a year.

The internship can be carried out in public or private companies and organizations, learning centres, schools, universities and research centres, non-profit organizations, associations and non-governmental organizations.

Eligible and non-eligible structures and organizations are clearly outlined in the Call for Applications.

The University of Bologna allows for a period of 2 to 3 months to carry out the internship and also provides some financial support for the time period chosen. This financial contribution can vary from country to country, as outlined in the Call for Applications.

Further funding is available for ER.GO beneficiaries and for students with special needs.

Students of the Erasmus+ programme must complete both study periods and internships abroad (in case they participate to both programmes) within the 12 month cap for each course.

To participate in the programme, students must be enrolled in a first, second or former 4 year degree  and may not already benefit from EU funding for exchange programmes, nor may they be recipients of funding for dissertation preparation offered by the DIT Department.

Both students and recent graduates can take part in internships.

Information on exchange destinations and financial contributions can be found in the Erasmus+ Mobilità per Tirocini (internships) page


Students are responsible for organising their own accommodation in their host country.