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Mobility programmes: approval, change, and recognition of activities

Before leaving

Filling out the learning agreement

Students of the Department of Interpreting and Translation (DIT) participating in ERASMUS+ Studio/ Swiss-European Mobility Programme must present their Learning Agreement (LA), approved by the Lecturer overseeing the exchange, from the second half of May (directly after the information session)

1) strictly by 26 June 2020 (for those intent on leaving in the first semester)

2) or by 30 november 2020 (for those intent on leaving in the second semester).

Students participating in the Overseas Programme or in exchanges within Cooperation Agreements of the Department must have their Learning Agreement approved before leaving.

N.B. To help the Commission working on LA's approval, we ask students to add an Italian translation of the names of modules attended abroad, whenever they are not written in English.

Guidelines on how to fill out the LA available in the box on the right.

For more information, contact:  or:

During the exchange

Changes to the learning agrement during the exchange

During the study period abroad, students may make one change to the LA if the duration of their stay is one semester and two changes if the duration of their stay is two semesters. As a rule, all changes must be made one month prior to returning in order to allow the relevant offices the correct amount of time to conclude the bureaucratic  procedures. Guidelines on how to fill out the LA and how to make subsequent changes can be found here:

NB. Students are reminded to fill out their study plan by the relevant deadlines. Exams that have not been correctly inserted into the study plan will not be approved. For more information, please contact: or:

After the exchange

1. Uploading the transcript of records to AlmaRM and validation

Students must upload the transcript of records to AlmaRM and hand in the original document (should they have acquired one) as soon as possible to Mrs. Barbara Appolloni at the Student Administration Office ( Piazzale Solieri, 1)

Should students receive the transcript of records via email, this should then be forwarded to: or to:

In the case that students download the transcript by logging into the host University’s portal, he or she must email the link to the portal to: or to: and make an appointment with Elena Zaccheroni at the Teaching Office (Corso della Repubblica, 136)  in order to log in in loco.

Students may request the approval of the exchange only when the Transcript has been validated.


2.  Requesting approval on AlmaRM

All courses undertaken during the exchange on the request for approval form must be identical to the courses listed on the Transcript of Records uploaded by the student.

If necessary, changes may be made on the request for approval form (however, no changes can be made to the Learning Agreement once the exchange has finished).

Any Transcript of Records in a non European language European Language or a language for which we have no teaching staff, must be translated into Italian and proofread by a mother tongue lecturer of that language.

We will not accept request of approval for  specific modules of the second year if related exams of the first year have not been passed (for example: to have approval for Specialized Translation (English language) you will need to have already passed Translation Theory and Practice and to have approval for Specialized Translation B language you will need to have already passed Media Communication).

For more information on how to fill out the request for approval form, please contact Elena Zaccheroni at: or:


N.B.  When filling out all versions of their Learning Agreement, students are strongly advised to seek guidance from the lecturer overseeing their exchange regarding what courses to choose. Both parties should remain in close contact for the entirety of the study period abroad, as well as upon return.