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Preparing the study plan

Information on how to prepare and present a study plan.

When to complete your study plan?

Students complete the Study Plan on Studenti On-Line between

  • October 9 and November 24, 2023
  • February 19 and March 22, 2024
  • April 29 and May 10, 2024.

Only the last version of the Study Plan will be considered after the deadlines.

No further modifications will be possible after this point.

What is a Study Plan and how is it completed?

The Study Plan is the list of courses that you wish to follow. It is necessary to fill it out in order to sit exams, record your results and get the corresponding ECTS.

Some exams are mandatory, while others are elective.

You can complete your Study Plan if you are enrolled, up-to-date on university fee payments and hold a valid residency permit if you are an international student.

Please note: students who do not complete their Study Plan, or who fail to complete it correctly, will be unable to enrol, sit exams and register exam grades.


How to complete your study plan

Log on to Studenti Online.

  • If you are a student that is up-to-date with exams, you must select the mandatory and elective modules relevant to the course you are enrolled in: check which modules are mandatory here.
  • If you are currently transferring over to our Degree Programme, you may be technically unable to complete your Study Plan. To resolve this problem, please contact the Teaching Office on 0543 374505 during office hours or by email at
  • If you have failed to complete all exams by the end of the two year programme, you can change elective modules chosen in previous years if necessary.
  • If you are an Erasmus+ / Overseas student, you must complete the Study Plan: should you not do so, modules and exams done abroad will not be recognized.

After making your choice, remember to click “SAVE” to ensure that your Study Plan has been completed. It is advisable to SAVE a copy of the completed Plan as it acts as a record should there be irregularities or modifications after completion.

Study plan approval

If elective modules from the range offered by the Course are selected, no evaluation is necessary. Therefore, the Study Plan is automatically approved and uploaded to the student’s profile.

Please note that

if you are planning to graduate in the academic year 2022/23, that is by March 2024, you cannot complete your Study Plan in the a.y. 2023/24.