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International programmes and agreements without grant

The International Master’s in Specialized Translation annually promotes programmes and international agreements that allow enrolled students and graduates to participate in courses, sit exams, carry out internships with companies or carry out research in some of the most renowned Universities both within and beyond Europe through the Erasmus+ Mobilità per Studio programmes, the Erasmus+ Mobilità per Tirocini (Internships) and through the Overseas Programme.

One of our best established long-term collaborations is with all partners participating in the METS exchange programme (see whose aim is to help students to perfect their training in specific professional domains in order to improve their competitiveness at a European and international level.

Students willing to participate to this Exchange programme should refer to Prof.ssa Chiara Elefante.

Furthermore, the Department enjoys bilateral agreements with certain foreign Universities that permit students to spend a semester dedicated to study or research for their dissertation at one of our partner Universities:

  • Astrakhan State University: Prof.ssa Francesca Biagini
  • Moscow State Linguistic University: Prof.ssa Francesca Biagini
  • National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Mosca: Prof.ssa Svetlana Slavkova
  • Moscow State University 'Lomonosov' (MGLU): Prof.ssa Svetlana Slavkova
  • Istituzione Federale Statale di Istruzione Professionale Superiore, Università Statale di Scienze Umanistiche (RGGU) Mosca: Prof.ssa Maria Zalambani
  • College of Human and Social Sciences, Kanazawa University: Prof.ssa Motoko Ueyama
  • Kobe University: Prof.ssa Motoko Ueyama                         
  • Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation – Shanghai International Studies University: Prof.ssa Serena Zuccheri
  • German Jordanian University: prof. Ahmad Addous

For more information on a specific university agreement, please contact the relevant Professor in charge.