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SDL Trados Certification

The Trados Certification offers Students of the Forlì Campus the opportunity to stand out amongst the oftentimes-muddled job offers in the linguistic services market both nationally and internationally.

What is the SDL Trados Studio Certification Programme?

The SDL Trados Studio Certification Programme was created in order to keep translators updated on the most recent CAT Tool’s developments to optimize their work, as well as developments in terminology management and automated quality control.

The Programme has three parts:

  • Getting Started – Level 1 of the Certification. Upon completion, users will be able to use the basic functions of SDL Trados Studio 2019.
  • Intermediate – Level 2 of the Certification. Upon completion, users will be able to use some of the advanced features of SDL Trados Studio 2019.
  • Advanced – Level 3 of the Certification. This part represents the highest level of experience and problem solving skills users can obtain. Upon completion, users will be able to use all of the advanced functions of SDL Trados Studio 2019.

Why do this Programme

  • The national and international request for the use of CAT Tools(Computer Aided Translation), SDL Trados in particular, by both public and private agencies;
  • The acquisition of knowledge and skills to more rapidly launch oneself in the working world;
  • CATTools represent a wider and better cohesion and coherence in phraseology and terminology.


The SDL Trados Certification offers students of the Forlì Campus to stand out in a competitive and often confused national and international market.

There are also advantages for our students that exceed the clear educational advantages of a Certification that guarantees the skills needed for the market:

  • The Certification is free for students. The cost of the Programme is quite high. However, students of the Forlì Campus can participate for free thanks to an agreement stipulated with SDL.
  • VisibilityUpon completion of the Certification, students may boast not just the logoof SDL on their electronic signature, but can obtain a personal profile on the SDL website where translation agencies both big and small often seek freelancers and collaborators.