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Travel grants for research abroad

Study grant to go abroad and work on your dissertation.

Funding opportunities for Master's students wishing to conduct research for their end-of-course dissertation abroad

Every year, the Department of Interpreting and Translation makes available about 20 research grants for students in the final year of the Master's in Specialized Translation and the Master's in Interpreting. These grants are meant to contribute to covering travel and accommodation costs for stays of about 1-2 months.

During these stays, students work towards their final dissertation, collecting data, consulting archives, or working under the supervision of experts from foreign Universities, companies and organizations. Among possible projects students can work on:

  1. collecting data that can only be sourced abroad;
  2. researching special archives;
  3. collaborating with teaching staff of foreign universities or institutions. For instance, several students use these funds to visit the Directorate-General for Translation (European Commission), where they conduct research under the supervision of expert translators and terminologists.
  4. working on translation projects for which contacting an author is part of the dissertation research.

Grants are assigned on a merit basis (academic CV + research project). The call, usually issued in the Spring, is published on the Department website