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Support services during your university years

Individuals and committees students can refer to for help and guidance

You can seek help from any of the following, depending on your needs.

Members of staff teaching on the Programme can be approached to discuss any ​aspects of your learning path.

Some of these members of staff, as well as student representatives, also sit in the School Joint Teaching Committee, whose ​responsibilities include monitoring learning opportunities, the quality of teaching and ​the availability of services for students. You may contact the Forlì campus members for help in these areas.

Tutors are useful reference points, who can help you to relate with your lecturers, and more in general to organize your study activities. 

Finally, ​administrative staff at the Teaching Secretariat ​provide information on classes and exams, and are able to assist with your study plan and any other administrative procedures. They will also point you in the right direction, in case you don't know who the right interlocutor is for a specific question.