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Teaching and Communication of Natural Sciences

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Programme aims

In the first year, all the students will attend courses of Biology, Chemistry and Geology in order to learn the fundamental aspects of the disciplines and how to teach them as well. Indeed the first year of the programme also offers an introduction to Psychology, Pedagogy, Anthropology and the History of Science. This basic knowledge of teaching and learning mechanisms and processes, will allow the students also to apply better in the second year one of the four curricula building a career in training, education and communication in the field of natural sciences. In all the curricula… Read more

Admission requirements

For the admission to the second-level degree course in Teaching and Communication of Natural Sciences, first cycle degree or a bachelor's degree (three years) or suitable foreign qualification, are needed. In addition, the candidates must meet the curricular requirements and pass the assessment of personal competence. Curricular requirements Case A. Applicants holding a 1st cycle degree in one of the following classes Italian Ministerial Decree 270: L-13 Scienze Biologiche [Biology]; L-27 Scienze e Tecnologie Chimiche [Chemistry]; L-32 Scienze e Tecnologie per l'Ambiente e la Natura… Read more