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Bologna Campus

Bologna Campus — School of Engineering and Architecture The Bologna Campus consists of two complexes: the long-standing one in Viale del Risorgimento and the more recent one in Via Terracini.

The older complex, containing laboratories, lecture rooms, and areas for students, researchers and teachers, stands in the Saragozza district at N° 2, Viale del Risorgimento.

The building is a prime example of twentieth-century architecture, designed by architect Giuseppe Vaccaro and inaugurated in 1935. With its ribbon windows and horizontal lines offset by the starkly vertical tower, the Porta Saragozza complex on land once belonging to Villa Cassarini was the first work of proper modern architecture to adorn the town of Bologna.

A large building catering for study and research requirements, its main architectural feature a red-brick tower housing a valuable collection of ancient tomes.

The present School of Engineering and Architecture stems from the School of Applied Engineering based in the former monastery of San Giovanni dei Celestini near Piazza Maggiore.

How to get to the Viale del Risorgimento premises:

If arriving by car from outside Bologna, leave the motorway ring-road at Exit 5 and follow directions to the centre. On reaching the avenues forming the inner ring-road, make your way to Porta Saragozza. If you arrive at the train station, catch the 33 bus and get off at “Liceo Righi”. From the centre the bus is the number 20. In either case, allow about 15 minutes.

The Via Terracini complex was inaugurated officially on 5th May 2007. It is a functional modern building containing teaching facilities for the following Degree Programmes:

2nd and 3rd year First-cycle degree programmes:

  • Environmental Engineering [L]
  • Chemical and Biochemical Engineering [L]
  • Engineering Management [L]


1st and 2nd years of the Second-cycle degree programme:

  • Environmental Engineering [LM]
  • Chemical and Process Engineering [LM]
  • Engineering Management [LM]