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Programme aims


The Master's Degree course in Artificial Intelligence responds to the strong demand of the most advanced production sectors to train professionals with a high level of specialization in methods and tools of artificial intelligence.


The interdisciplinary context of this Master’s course will enable students to design, create and manage highly innovative products and services in a variety of application domains, encouraging innovation in diverse fields. The Artificial Intelligence specialist’s skills are based on the deep knowledge of scientific and information technologies, along with statistical and mathematical competences. Laboratory experiences, design activities and internships will contribute to the acquisition of communication and soft skills, which are fundamental in a professional profile linked to scientific and technological innovation.  


The two-year Master’s course is taught in English, allowing access also to students from all around the world and thus encouraging the exchange of knowledge in an international context.


At the end of the course, the students will acquire the title of Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence, in the LM-32 (Computer Engineering) or in the LM-18 Class (Computer Science), according to their aptitude and their employment prospects, which can range from the world of companies and services to the world of theoretical and applied research. Moreover, the course allow students to pursue their career aims with third cycle studies (PhD and Postgraduate School) and second level master's degrees.

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Corso di Artificial Intelligence - codice 9063
The two-year Master in ArtificialIntelligence addresses the growing demand from the most advanced manufacturingsectors to train highly qualified professionals specialising in artificialintelligence methods and tools, who are therefore capable of… Read more