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Prospects and career opportunities

The Artificial Intelligence expert is a professional technical figure able to deal with design, development, integration and maintenance of innovative and complex computer systems within the field of artificial intelligence. In particular, students may apply their knowledge and skills to work on:

  • Expert systems
  • Planning and optimization systems;
  • Machine learning;
  • Decision support systems;
  • Computer vision;
  • Natural Language processing;
  • Industrial automation in several application areas including: industry 4.0,transport, medicine, smart cities, home automation, security, fun and free time.

 Job positions:

On graduating, the student will be able to find positions as:

  • Specialist in artificial intelligence research;
  • Specialist in machine learning research;
  • Teacher in the AI field;
  • Analyst, designer, project manager, software engineer for application projects in the AI field;
  • AI Business Specialist;
  • Consultant;
  • ICT Innovation Manager.


The artificial intelligence expertise may be employed at:

  • Companies and public bodies for high-tech tasks;
  • Public or private research institutes;
  • Research departments in large private companies or in public bodies;
  • Universities and schools;
  • Consulting firms;
  • Startup;
  • Freelance engineer (after passing the state exam according to the current legislation)

Why choose this programme

The Master programme in Artificial intelligence responds to the market demand of an increasing number of highly specialized technical figures able to design and develop AI extremely innovative systems and applications.

Over 200 companies nationwide such as IBM, NVIDIA, Datalogic, ABB, Expert System, Tetra Pak, Enel, Technogym and Crif recognize the potential of this new Master’s degree, unique in Italy.

Some examples of the social opinion on the importance of the Artificial Intelligence specialist are available here:

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