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Guidelines for the final dissertation

How to write a dissertation

The final exam consists of a project or research activity carried out in English by the Student on a subject of their choice. The results of such work are illustrated in an original document, prepared by the Student under the supervision of a lecturer on the Thesis' subject and discussed in front of a Commission appointed by the Degree Board.
The final exam must show the Student's ability to master the subject, their attitude to work indipendently, and high-level communication skills.
The final exam can be related to a project work or an internship activity.

The specific activity is arranged with the supervisor or the company mentor, who will tutor the student and recommend the relevant bibliography. For the student to pass the examination, the supervisor must approve the activity (oral assessment).

Rules for dissertation format

- The paper version is not necessary;

- each page is to contain 32 lines of text (approx);

- font 12 in Times New Roman;

- line spacing: 1,5.


Forgers of the logo/brand/seal will be prosecuted.

Broadlines of final marking criteria

The final mark is determined by the Examination Board as the sum of base points plus thesis points,  according to the following criteria:

- the base points are determined as the weighted average of all graded exams marks, as reported in the student’s transcript, converted into a 110-point scale, and rounded to the nearest integer lower or equal to it;

- the thesis points, in the 0 to 5 range, are the points granted by the Examination Board, taking into account the organization and overall quality of the dissertation, the originality, significance, methodology and results of the work presented, and the quality of the presentation and discussion at the final examination;

- the number of honors in the transcript does not affect the base points or the thesis points, but it may affect the award of honors;

- the choice between the various types of thesis (experimental, theoretical, applied, etc) does not have any effect on the maximum points that may be granted by the Examination Board;

- there is no "speed" bonus.