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Free mover / visiting students

Information for incoming free mover / visiting students in the fields of Economics, Management and Statistical Sciences

If you want to come to UNIBO as a visiting student in the fields of Economics, Management and Statistical Sciences, you should contact a professor from the Department of your interest:

-          Dept. of Economics (DSE):

-          Dept. of Management (DiSA):

-          Dept. of Statistical Sciences (STAT):

-          Dept. of Sociology and Business Law (SDE):

Once we receive a confirmation e-mail from your tutor, we will register your data and you will receive an acceptance e-mail which includes useful information for your stay. Visiting students do not pay any fees and, as such, they cannot take exams.

Please note that you will not receive any official letter of acceptance by UNIBO. It is your destination Department that should issue it (more information here).
At the end of your stay, your tutor might write a final certification for you, stating that you have spent a certain period of time at UNIBO, attending certain lessons or researching on some topics; however, you will not receive any official Certificate of completion or Transcript of records by UNIBO.

Another possibility is to sign up for single course units taught within the Department of your interest, paying the relative fees and being able to take exams. More information is available here.
Please note that in this case your referent office is not the International Relations Office, rather the Students' Administration Office.