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Rejecting a grade

The following step/by/step procedure explain how the grade refusal works with regards to a single course or an integrated course:

If single course:

  1. The teacher publishes the outcome of the exam on ALMAESAMI. 
  2. The student who wants to refuse the exam grade must send a written communication via e-mail to the teacher within 5 days from the publication of the result
  3. The teacher will send a reply confirming that the student has received the rejection within the date on which the grade is recorded. 
  4. In the case of a rejection, the teacher will record the result REFUSED (RF) in the Almaesami computer procedure. 

If integrated courses:

  1. The teacher responsible for each module of the Integrated Course publishes on ALMAESAMI the outcome of the partial test.
  2. The grade of a partial test remains valid for the academic year in which the test is taken. 
  3. As soon as the teacher in charge of the Integrated Course has obtained sufficient results in both modules, he/she will calculate the final grade as the average of the sufficient grades obtained in the partial tests.
  4. The teacher in charge of the Integrated Course will publish the final grade on a roll created by the office. Students who have obtained a sufficient result in both partial tests will be enrolled in this call.
  5. From the day of publication of the final grade of the Integrated Course, the student has 5 days to give written notice by e-mail to the teacher responsible for the Integrated Course of his/her rejection of the grade
  6. The rejection of the grade given in the integrated course implies a further final evaluation of profit and therefore the re-submission (retake) of one or more of the partial tests that contribute to it. 
  7. At the same time as the communication mentioned in point 5, the student must indicate which partial test(s) he/she intends to retake. 
  8. The grade obtained in the partial test/s that the student declares he/she intends to retake is annulled and the student cannot request its reinstatement.
  9. The teacher responsible for the Integrated Course informs the head of each module of the student's decision to retake the partial test.
  10. The final examination of an Integrated Course must necessarily be completed within the same academic year (including the third session in September).