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Final examination: modalities

To graduate, you have to sit a final examination designed to verify that you have reached the education objectives set by the Degree Programme.

In order to achieve LEGS master degree, students have to acquire 120 credits. LEGS students must complete the courses and the exams of the second year, by reaching 96 total ECTS; the thesis will be worth 24 ECTS.
The dissertation should be prepared under the guidance of a supervisor (relatore). 
The final examination in LEGS consists of the defense of a thesis judged by a Committee (composed by professors of the School). 

Check the Thesis Guidelines on the attachments box.


The graduation sessions are the following:
​ -     July (I session)
-     October (II session)
-     December (II session-bis)
-     March  (III session)

The Committee can give a maximum of 5 points to the dissertation ​that are added to the final weighted average of the student (plus max of 3 points in case of controrelatore - the controrelatore can only be requested by the supervisor and nominated by the director of the program).  

The final evaluation is based on 110/110 (possibly cum laude/with honors).

You can find a front page face template in the guidelines attached. Please remember, that it is not allowed to use the logo of the University of Bologna in your dissertation.

In order to apply for your graduation and submit your Thesis for the final approval of your Supervisor you need to upload your Thesis in pdf-format on studenti on-line

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