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9 awards for theses on the food supply and forestry chain

"Legacoop Agroalimentare" with other associated companies announces 9 awards of € 2000 for theses about innovation in food supply and forestry chains. Deadline 31 July 2024.

1 award for a thesis on sustainability reporting

The City of Milan announces the 'Giovanni Marra' thesis prize of € 5,000 on the integration of sustainability in public, private and private social organisations. Deadline 9 July 2024.

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Call for the awarding of 1 prize for a thesis on ethics applied to economics

The City of Milan awards 1 prize worth € 5.000 in memory of Giorgio Ambrosoli for a thesis about the relationship between legal and criminal economy. Deadline 9 July 2024

Call for applications for the "Calanchi Turrini" award for theses on the themes and principles of cooperation

Legacoop Bologna with Ivano Barberini and Unipolis foundations awards 1 prize worth 3000 € aimed at enhancing cooperative culture and investigating cooperative organisational forms. Deadline 15/09/24

6 awards for theses about innovation of food supply chains and new production models and food systems

Rural Hack and Image Line announce 6 "Agrifood Future Awards" of € 2.000, 1.500 and 1.000 for theses about innovation in food supply chains and the impact on the environment. Deadline 30 June 2024